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Lynda, you are the best friend a writer ever had. Thank you for your skilled guidance. I truly could not have [written this book] without you!

Virginia has helped me write twelve books, and to say I couldn’t have done it without her is an understatement. Plus, she’s as good with people as she is with words

— Alan R. Hirsch, M.D. Neurological Director, Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation

Virginia helped me create my book proposal and within one week I landed my dream agent. A few weeks ago I signed a contract with a publisher high on my dream list! Virginia gently guided me through the process of reworking my proposal into a more focused, powerful, and convincing piece. I’m looking forward to working with her again.

— Karen Lacey, Book author and ghostwriter

As I wrote my book, I found Virginia’s comments and suggestions indicative of an extremely thoughtful and dedicated individual. She weaves her tremendous writing skill with a great deal of understanding and patience. I’ll not write another book without her.

— Kay Potetz, Ph.D. Author of Take it Back! Your Power, That is

Virginia helped me turn my dry legal concepts and ideas into a book for the general public that both entertains and informs. My book saw the light of day because of her editorial skills.

— Paul M. Lisnek, J.D., Ph.D., Author of The Hidden Jury

If you want or need to write a book, Virginia is someone you should know.

— Harold (Hal) Wright, Author of How to Make 1000 Mistakes in Business and Still Succeed.

Where have you been all my life? Wow, I had no idea how helpful such a talent as yours would be to me. I love your suggestions. Thank you so much!

— Lucy Yaldezian, A Higher Perspective, San Ramon, Calif.

Oh, Lynda: Your writing coaching was terrific! Exactly what I was looking for. Wow – a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. [Our work together] is a must for my future projects and personal work.

— Dr. Katherine A. Hart, Ed.D., ClearVision Consulting, Alameda, Calif.

Lynda is a catalyst for new and experienced writers, and she inspired me to resurrect a long-lost love for writing. Her book ‘Words at Work’ is a wonderful recounting of her own journey to become the excellent writer and coach that she is today.

— David Gustafson, Change Management Consultant, East Bay, Calif.

Your guidance and suggestions challenged me to clarify my thinking about what I was saying. In addition, you created fresh sizzle and punch by merely changing a couple of key words. Amazing! Most important, though, is that your writing coaching and encouraging words boosted my enthusiasm for my writing and helped me far, far beyond what I could ever pay you.

— William Rieben, CPA, Seattle, Wash.

Thanks for your thoughtful presentation. I learned a lot and got inspired – two good things. Thanks also for your willingness to point me in a productive direction re: how to market my book.

— Michael Fraidenburg, author and speaker, Olympia, Wash.

Count me among your many fans! You were fabulous – so conversational, comfortable. Great job of relating to listeners by name. I loved your energy and enthusiasm as you delivered a tightly organized, well-prepared presentation with fun graphics. What I liked best was how genuine and joyful you were.

— Dianne Faieta, Consultant, Moraga, Calif.

I signed up with you because I love (and trust) your trust of the subconscious and its role in creativity. I knew I wanted to work with you based both on the depth of both your experience, as well as your philosophic approach. … Such great advice! THANK YOU to both of you!

— Guila Muir, Trainer and Training Consultant, Seattle, Wash.

Thanks to you and Virginia! [‘Write Your Book Now’] was a great webinar and since most of the attendees stayed online for the extended questions, I believe we can safely say it was a success!

— Kim West, Institute of Management Consultants

Thanks also to Virginia, who took my very messy manuscript and created a book.

— Julia Plant, author of “Coyote Lost at Sea: the story of Mike Plant, America’s Daring Solo Circumnavigator”

Lynda and Virginia were part of our expert panel at Connect~Love~Thrive and they were one of the most dynamic duos we had! Their information was direct and actionable and their presentation style was high-energy and connecting. Listeners were energized and enthused to get started on their books thanks to the Fast Start Techniques they laid out for us. Thank you Lynda & Virginia for sharing your gifts with our group.

— Donna Burick & Marjorie Walker, Holistic Success Catalysts, Connect-Love-Thrive.com

I am really enjoying and benefiting from what Lynda and Virginia do. The combination of information, inspiration, and setting realistic standards and goals is very powerful. Rock on!