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Virginia McCullough

We’re two book coaches, but we have just one job:
to help you create the book you’ve always wanted—and the book you need to boost your business and build your brand. And that’s why we developed our Fast-Start/Strong-Finish Method for writing books (and offer editorial services to polish your book to a shine).


1. First, we help you get started.

  • What is not writing your book costing you?
  • Is it draining you emotionally?
  • Does it weigh on your mind?
  • Has your desire—your need—to write a book turned into a nagging voice?

Isn’t it time to quiet the unrelenting voice that nags you about writing your book? Why didn’t you do it last year? Why isn’t your book out there now?

Our clients have told us they’ve thought about their books for as long as 10 years. They tried to write their books—or articles and blogs—but they have let other demands get in the way. Some gave up, and then tried again—but having a coach and accountability partner made all the difference.

We work with all kinds of clients, and almost all of them start off thinking they’re too busy to write a book. We share proven methods that help you kick-start your writing—and your book.

Worried you don’t have anything new to say? We’ll show you how wrong you are. We help you tap into your stories and unique experiences and teach you creative techniques that will make your book stand out (and all your other writing too!).

2. Next we coach you from a fast start all the way to a strong finish (with lots of creativity in between). We coach you to write the best books and e-books—plus attention-getting blogs, articles, and press releases to promote your books. (Your ability to market your book makes you even more appealing to potential publishers.)

3. Now we suggest where you can engage your readers even more with compelling stories about people you helped, that eureka you’re ready to share with the world, or the vision you have for your community. We see your big picture and make sure all the elements are there and in the right places.

4. All done with your first draft? Time to edit. Do you dread editing? So many people think they do, but we can show you how editing is where the fun stuff happens. This is the most creative stage of your writing process. We’re there with you all the way to the book you’ve always dreamed of.

5. When you’ve done all you can, we step in with expert editing skills
to help your transform your manuscript into exactly what you want. Let us help you make sure you’re manuscript is the best it can be, polished to a shine.


Our Promise

We promise to be supportive and challenging book coaches. We see your potential—and we honor your voice. We know what you can produce, and we show you shortcuts, creative techniques, and hands-on editing to make your work—and your words—flow.

“You’re so approachable!” We love it when clients tell us that. We believe they feel that way because we’ve spent our careers writing so many books and articles (and just about every other kind of writing!). Like you, we’re writers, so we know what you’re going through. And we know how to help.M

When we work together, we’ll share our Fast-Start/Strong-Finish Method for writing powerful books. We’ll guide you to:

  • Build your confidence as a writer
  • Kick-start your writing process to build momentum
  • Organize your content—your road map to success
  • Write faster, stronger, better—and regularly
  • Tell engaging stories and anecdotes
  • Grab readers’ attention with a toolkit of creative techniques
  • Finish your books and e-books (and we’ll celebrate with you!)
  • Polish to perfection before publication
  • Get your books and e-books published (both traditionally and independently)

Economical Book Packages

Getting your book off to a fast start and strong finish is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Just need an hour or two to get rolling or unstuck?  Our hourly coaching rate is $149.  Stop paying the high price for not writing your book—and start writing your book!

2. Our five-hour coaching/editing package is only $497. You can customize this package to suit your needs: e-mail edits, telephone coaching, or a combination of the two. We provide regular accountability and help you create a workable schedule and plan to write, edit, and publish your book.

3. Our 10-hour coaching/editing package is only $897 (quite a savings!), and it’s as flexible as discussed above. We help you remember why you want or need a published book—as a linchpin in your marketing plan for your business, to set you apart among your peers or competitors, to boost your income and increase your prestige, and to move ahead in your career. Isn’t it time you finally have your 21st century calling card?

And ask us about our Start to Finish Packages to guide you from the planning stage to your publishing finale.

You’ve probably noticed that we don’t have PayPal buttons for our packages. That’s because we want to connect with you to make sure we’re the best fit—and to accommodate your needs. Just give us a call at 707-827-3872 or e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you—and helping you create your dreams.

Our Coaching and Editing

As book coaches, we’re a classic example of “two heads are better than one.” We each bring strengths and years of experience helping others write creatively. Together we’ve written more than 125 books and helped more than 100 people publish their books. Now we’ve teamed up to help you turn your ideas and expertise into books and e-books.

We’ll help you unleash your creativity in both your writing and editing stages to make your book shine—and that means you’ll shine, too.

We work primarily by phone and e-mail (though we do some in-person retreats and events). We find that the coaching process actually works better via e-mail and telephone (rather than in person). By sending you encouragement and critiques via e-mail, you have time to absorb the comments. When we follow up later in a telephone call, we can discuss how you want to deal with the suggested changes.

Let us be your partners in planning, writing, and publishing your book. We’re there for you—working behind the scenes so you stand out!


Virginia has helped me write twelve books, and to say I couldn’t have done it without her
is an understatement. Plus, she’s as good with people as she is with words.
– Alan R. Hirsch, M.D. Neurological Director, Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation


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“Where have you been all my life? Wow, I had no idea how helpful such a talent as yours
would be to me. I love your suggestions. Thank you so much!”
—Lucy Yaldezian, A Higher Perspective, San Ramon, Calif.

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