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Lynda is a catalyst for new and experienced writers, and she inspired me to resurrect a long-lost love for writing. Her book ‘Words at Work’ is a wonderful recounting of her own journey to become the excellent writer and coach that she is today. — David Gustafson, Change Management Consultant, East Bay, Calif.

We offer book coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Upper Midwest, Chicago, Atlanta, and

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Are you ready to write a book and share your expertise with the world?

We know you can do it—we’ve coached hundreds of people on how to write books that boost their business and build their brand. We then help them polish their books to a shine, and before you know it, they’re holding their published books in their hands. It’s a great feeling!

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If you answered even one yes, then you’re ready to write your book and get it into the marketplace. The Book Catalysts can help! Let us show you how to write your book using our proven Fast-Start/Strong-Finish Method. (See special offer below.)


   Meet The Book Catalysts

Lynda McDaniel and Virginia McCullough

Book coaches, editors, and publishing consultants

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Lynda, you are the best friend a writer ever had. Thank you for your
skilled guidance. I truly could not have [written this book] without you!
– John D. Hughes, author, Haunting the CEO.


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In this session, we’ll work together so you can:

  • Create a clear vision for your book and your writing goals.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your writing, issues that are slowing you down and increasing the pressure you feel to get moving.
  • Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to write your book faster, stronger, better—the same day we meet.

Absolutely no strings attached! Just more great writing tips and techniques. Or contact us if you have any questions.M


Catalyst is defined as “a person or thing that precipitates a change.” And that’s what we do. You’ll learn how to stop those limiting thoughts (writers can be so mean to themselves!) so you keep moving forward toward your goal. Without a coach or catalyst, you might just daydream about writing a book. Or, as we’ve seen so many times, you might lose confidence or write slowly and lose your passion, your unfinished manuscript growing dusty in a desk drawer.

With The Book Catalysts, you can become the writer you’ve always wanted to be, producing the book you’ve thought about for years. We’ve “precipitated change” in 100+ clients, helping them take that next step and the next—until they become the writer they’ve always wanted to be. And when they’ve finished their manuscript, we’re right there with them, editing and polishing their book so it stands out in the marketplace.

“Virginia … weaves her tremendous writing skill with a great deal of
understanding and patience. I’ll not write another book without her.”
Dr. Kay Potetz, Take it Back! Your Power, That is

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Check out how we developed our method and helped so many clients start and finish their books. Then relax, knowing that we have a proven fast-start, strong-finish method that can build your momentum and keep it going until you reach your goal—a published book.

Get your book off to a fast start—and strong
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