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How to tell stories

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VirginiaEMcCulloughCut out Lynda Crop“We believe that everyone has a yearning to tell stories.
Whether they choose to do that through business books,
fiction, memoirs, or essays doesn’t matter—stories all
come from the same source, deep within. We love
showing our clients how to bring their stories to life.


Not only do we understand your yearning to tell stories, we can show you how to write compelling stories and books. As The Book Catalysts, we have the experience, talent, and passion to make those stories come alive in your writing and your life.  We know you can do it!

Maybe you’re a professional with strong ideas and plenty to say. And you understand the great benefits you’ll reap from reaching your target audience through a published book. Or you’re a memoirist or novelist who’s ready to express that deep, inner longing to write.  That’s good because now is the time to push aside reservations, self-doubt, and all the other barriers that stand between you and writing your book.

“I recently sold a $100,000 project, and I believe
that having my book was a significant factor in making
that sale.” 
—Management Consultant, Atlanta, Ga.


1. First we help you clarify your book’s premise and its promise to your readers. We’ve developed all kinds of tips and tools for this. (Between the two of us, we’ve written more than 130 books, so we know these tools work!)

2. Then we serve as  productivity coaches for writing and publishing books and e-books to keep you on track. We designed our NUDGE & PUSH, WRITE & PUBLISH PACKAGES to help you start fast, finish strong, and publish in less time. We know that books too often fall apart through neglect—and we won’t let that happen to you.  Check out these exciting packages here.

3. Once you’ve written a few chapters, we work together to introduce those all-important creative techniques that make your books and e-books stand out. Oh, and stories. Your readers love stories. No one else has your stories, and they make your book unique!

4. Finally, we review your book and guide you on how to make it even better. After so many years in the business, we have lots of resources to share with you.

 “Virginia … weaves her tremendous writing skill with a great deal
of understanding and patience. I’ll not write another book without her.”
—Dr. Kay Potetz, Take it Back! Your Power, That is


Why not take advantage of our free BREAKTHROUGH BOOK COACHING SESSION?

1. Fill out an application for a free 30-minute consultation. (It takes only a moment to fill out.) You can find the  application here.

2. Send it to: info@bookcatalysts.com.

3. We’ll get back with you ASAP! In this session, we’ll work together so you can:

  • Get clear on the premise & promise of your book.
  • Develop a writing rhythm that works for you.
  • Leave this session renewed and inspired to write your book faster—the same day we meet.

Lynda, you are the best friend a writer ever had.
Thank you for your
skilled guidance. I truly could not
have written this book without you!

— John D. Hughes, author, Haunting the CEOwww.hauntingtheceo.com




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